Event Planning

We partner with you to understand your vision of the type of event you want to have and execute every detail from the menu to the decor to any printed material and everything in between. Working within the truncated timeline of the IPO process, we create celebrations of exactly the size and scope you want to mark this momentous occasion.

Venue Finding

Knowing the difference between venues with similar capacities and features and keeping up with what’s new and notable in New York City is a full time job. Not to mention knowing who to contact, how to get full information, and which venues execute successful events and act as a strong partner. Opening Bell Events is well connected at all of Manhattan’s well regarded venues and gets information quickly. We have worked in these spaces for decades and can offer guidance on the strengths and challenges of each space, saving both time and money in the planning process.

Branding and Activations

Branding is a central focus of any IPO celebration. Communicating that branding should be exciting. We have done everything from custom bars made from ice that contain brand swag inside to taking a company marketing photo in Lincoln Center to creating a flash mob of Broadway performers in Times Square. Creativity makes events stand out and we have the resources to add that creativity to your celebration.


Round out your celebrations with novel touches like a coffee artist drawing your company’s logo or a New York City pizza station at the exit, not to mention the opportunities to add live musicians or DJ’s to add to the excitement. The possibilities of how to entertain your attendees can extend in any direction you envision.


Representing your brand identity is central to the celebration around any IPO. Figuring out how you want to translate that offers incredible possibilities. From fabrication of life sized logos to branding of photo opportunities to customizing food carts and activations, we have created incredible custom work that is often moved into a company’s office after the IPO events. Additionally, we work with you to create swag of any kind to be given out throughout the celebration.


In a world where everyone is comfortable using a multitude of streaming platforms, while you gather attendees in person to celebrate, there is the additional opportunity to include remote participants in the key moments. We work with your internal IT team to stream events on your website, social media, or the site of your choice to share the excitement of the occasion with a wide range of supporters.


Events of this magnitude come with a myriad of nuts and bolts components such as hotels, transportation, workspaces, wifi, and so many other pieces of the puzzle that help to ensure guests have a smooth experience from start to finish. We have resources in all of these aspects of the event management process.